Kamloops gymnaestrada team heading to Finland

Gymnaestrada1By: Kamloops This Week in Sports July 3, 2014

The Kamloops Gymnastics and Trampoline Centre gymnaestrada team will compete at the 15th World Gymnaestrada next July in Helsinki, Finland.

Mila Yates is on top, Ellie Parker (left) and Emma Maddison are in the second row from the top, Naomi Silverberg (from left), Chelsee Reed, Maia Manshadi and Nicole Hall are in the second row from the bottom and Nikki Gardner-Schlegel (from left), Sophie Von Dehn, Katie Anderson, Laina Yates and Arnica Palechuk comprise the bottom row.

Bre Erickson coaches the team.

There are expected to be about 21,000 athletes from more than 54 countries in attendance at World Gymnaestrada, which is held every four years.

Gymnaestrada is a type of gymnastics exhibition in which the focus is not on winning medals, but pleasing audiences with group performances often set to music.