Strategic Direction


1.0 Introduction

KGTC – Kamloops Gymnastics | Trampoline Centre is member-based, not-for-profit athletic facility that inspires enthusiasm for and lifelong involvement in gymnastics | trampoline by providing positive and diverse programming. With an exemplary record of service to the athletic community since 1979, KGTC is the proud recipient of the 2012 Ed Brougham Club of the Year Award by Gymnastics Canada. KGTC has a well equipped, 15,000 square foot facility and is part of a multi-sport Tournament Capital Centre that neighbours Thompson Rivers University (TRU). Athlete centered, coach driven and systems supported are the three priority areas this strategic plan focuses on, and is expected to guide KGTC operations over the next four years.

2.0 Vision

To maintain an athlete and career coach environment that fosters personal and professional growth and development, while embracing innovation; where performance achievements attribute KGTC as a provincial leader.

3.0 Mission

KGTC will foster the physical, mental and emotional development of its Athletes to achieve personal excellence inclusive of all abilities, in the disciplines of Gymnastics | Trampoline.

4.0 Values

The values that guide our day to day practices and decision-making of our society are as follows:

  • Respect – for each other and our individuality.
  • Communications – are two-way, open and transparent.
  • Specialized field of sport education – that promotes development of physical literacy in athletes of all ages and abilities.
  • Safety, health, nutrition – essential for childhood development.
  • Affordability and accessibility – without compromising quality programming.
  • Community conscience – in all that we do.

5.0 Goals and action plans

This part of the strategic direction is captured in three major themes or goals. The following goal statements in sub-headings describe what will be achieved by the Kamloops Gymnastics | Trampoline Centre in the next four years.

The action plans under each goal include specific action items that will be delivered in order to achieve the organizational goals and mission.



In order for KGTC to be successful and meet its mission statement, all athletes, regardless of age, ability or discipline, must be a priority focus.

Action Plan:

5.1.1 Increase athlete retention

5.1.2 Earmark funds in budget for competitive athlete scholarships. Create a policy for distribution of scholarship funds

5.1.3 Create a community funding resource for athletes of all levels

5.1.4 Create the best possible training culture for all KGTC athletes

5.1.5 Increase athlete participation in community events to showcase athletes and aid in recruitment


5.2 Goal Two: COACH DRIVEN

KGTC has a responsibility to its coaches to create a culture which fosters coach development and involvement, increased job satisfaction, and the progression into career coaches.

Action Plan:

5.2.1 Implement a coaching structure to create a culture where coaches are involved and engaged

5.2.2 Create a succession strategy involving recruitment and mentoring to develop career coaches

5.2.3 Earmark funds in the budget for coach development scholarship. Create a policy for distribution of scholarship funds

5.2.4 Increase coach driven athlete participation in community events to showcase athletes and aid in recruitment



To support strategic goals one and two, KGTC needs to continuously strive to achieve organizational excellence.

Action Plan:

5.3.1 Define a set of Key Performance Indicators

5.3.2 Maximize efficiency and usage of online registration system

5.3.3 Maximize efficiency and usage of office space

5.3.4 Create and maintain a standardized communication plan for KGTC  for both internal and external communications

5.3.5 Board Development

5.3.6 Complete a feasibility study considering the building of a mezzanine to increase space and allow for further growth and expansion of our programs and membership


6.0 Monitoring Evaluation and Updating

6.1 Quarterly review and reporting: The board and senior management will conduct a quarterly review and evaluation of the strategic plan action items. The review will be shared with staff.

6.2 Updating the Strategic Direction: Updating of the plan will be done as least annually, within two board meetings after the Annual General Meeting. Planned updating may include adding, deleting or revising action items of timelines as identified by the board. This updating is done to ensure the strategic direction is a dynamic ‘living’ entity that remains current in order to effectively achieve the society’s mission and goals.