Join the KGTC Board and Help Shape Our Future…

On an annual basis in August, KGTC actively seeks interested family members of athletes from both recreational and competitive programs to consider being an active participant and to help shape our future. The Board term is from October to September and Director requirements are as follows:

  • Over the age of 18 yrs
  • A Current member in good standing. A member in good standing is defined as a KGTC member who has reamined current on member dues (KGTC, Gymanstics BC and Gymanstics Canada member fees) and is current on enrolled program payments and program payment plans consistently during a twevle (12) month period (September 1 to August 31 of each year).
  • Able to commit to monthly meetings
  • An interest in and dedication to working with a sport organization/not-for-profit society
  • Have the ability to receive communication by phone and/or email and have some comfort in commnicating ideas in a group setting
  • Experience in committee or leadership development training is beneficial
  • Additional requirements may apply for two-year term Executive Committee

This is a great opportunity to use your experience and to help shape policies and our future.

Please send an email to the Nominating Committee or the General Manager



The role of the Board or Directors is to provide leadership and oversight of the activities of the Society. In both areas it will strive to represent the interests of members and the broader community. The work of the board requires balance of asking big questions, exploring possibilities, engaging in real dialogue, solving problems and offering direction.

In providing leadership, the Board will actively consult with others inside and outside the organization and, in providing insight, will ensure broad organizational accountability, transparency and active and meaningful external communications.

In providing leadership the Board will work with the General Manager in engaging external stakeholders in looking towards the future, reviewing the organization’s mission and objectives, identifying outcomes the organization is seeking and the strategies it will use to achieve them.

In providing oversight the Board will rely on assessing organizational performance in relation to goals and adherence to budget. The Board will ensure, through the creation of policies, that the Soceity adheres to sound financial management, personnel and service practices. The board will rely on the systematic review of organizational activities through the implementation of policies, rather than by examining or advising on day-to day decisions.

The board will take responsibility for its own management, continuity and renewal. It will ensure effective board meeting practices, appropriate director conduct, ongoing board education, and continued attention to the recruitment of new board members and member community stakeholders possessing skills of benefit to the Society.


KGTC Board of Directors 2017 – 2018

Chair – Colleen Topolovec

Vice Chair – Jayme Cloet

Secretary – Sherri Kozub

Treasurer – Diane Dodd

Directors – Susan Bruno – Matt DeFouw

– Mike Niedziejko – Sarah Eshpeter –

– Christina Fitzmaurice – Sam McLaren

– Corrie Ross